Grayowl Point is committed to being a diverse and inclusive online space. In particular, we acknowledge that artists are marginalized within the music industry based on race and gender. We are determined to be an ally and supporter of those artists traditionally under-represented in media. We welcome and encourage submissions from trans and cis women, genderqueer folks, Indigenous artists, and people of colour.

Please direct all submissions to:

NOTE: We’re a Canadian music blog. This not only means it’s based in Canada, but we also ONLY cover music performed by those living on the land mass referred to as “Canada”.

When submitting your music or a music video to us, please include:

  • Album art (if applicable)
  • Band Bio
  • Streaming link and/or digital download link

Become a Contributor

We are currently looking for contributors who have an interest in and prior knowledge of one or more of the following classifications of music:

  • Francophone
  • Hip-hop/Rap/R&B
  • Electronic
  • Drone/Ambient/Experimental

If you’re interested in joining our parliament, send an email to with “Writer application” in the subject line.

In the body of the email, please include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Where you’re from
  • Why you want to write for us
  • What kind of music you’re into
  • A writing sample. If you have written somewhere previously, send us links or your articles as Word or PDF documents. If you haven’t written for a blog or otherwise before, write a review of an album so we can gauge your writing.

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