Staff Profiles

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is the founder of Grayowl Point and is currently teaching English in South Korea. He has a non-genre-specific love of Canadian music. He is known to go on binges of bluegrass music (usually triggered by hearing Trampled by Turtles’ “Wait So Long”) and will talk endlessly about his love for Jon Hamm, comic books, the podcast Comedy Bang! Bang! and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Laura Stanley

Laura Stanley is a freelance writer based in Toronto and editor of Grayowl Point. When not here or writing elsewhere, Laura is under a pile of books, drinking tea, or crying about British television.

Anna Alger

Hi everyone, I’m Anna. I am a freelance writer and student working towards my BA in Calgary. I have long been a passionate supporter of both Canadian music and theatre. My other interests include various environmental and political issues, volunteering, and travelling. You can find me here.

Eleni Armenakis

Eleni is an arts and entertainment critic, of sorts, with a mild fanaticism for all things Canadian. Currently based in Ottawa, she’s always planning A Great Canadian Roadtrip and taking recommendations for destinations.

Kaitlin Ruether

Kaitlin is writer of many things, some of which include plays and short fiction. She lives on the West Coast, and sometimes in the Prairies, and once on the Canadian Shield. She is known for rambling about the collective Canadian identity, compulsively needing music playing at all times, and loving David Bowie a lot. She also manages stages, plays the bass, and eats bagels. Sometimes in that order.

Benjamin Hollihan

Ben consistently tries to write short fiction and reviews, and make music, but more often instead finds himself procrastinating by reading and listening to music. He is working towards a BFA in Journalism and Communications, and one day hopes to start up a record label of his own. Or maybe not, he always seems to be planning for something, but never actually doing anything.


  1. Hi GrayOwl Point…we are Sister Gray (could we be a distant cousin to GrayOwl?)
    We would like you to review our EP Close The Night. We are currently working with Jo at Musebox. You can hear our EP on our myspace page. We look forward to your review!
    Diana Graling
    Sister Gray

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