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Thanks for stopping by! Here’s how to get in touch with us.

For review requests, keep in mind:

  • We’re a Canadian music blog. This not only means it’s based in Canada, but it’s also about Canadian music only.
  • We’re human, and we’ll make mistakes and forget from time to time. If you don’t hear from us for an extended period of time, feel free to remind us to listen to your recording.
  • Relating to the second point, don’t be alarmed if you don’t receive a reply from us. It doesn’t mean we aren’t giving your EP or LP a listen. We’ll always email you to let you know when we’ve published a review of your work.
  • Relating to the above point, we will do our very best to review as many submissions as we possibly can, but we cannot review everything.
  • If you can include links to your album art and a band bio that would make our lives a lot easier.
  • We would prefer a link for a digital download over a physical copy of music.



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