Review – Grayowl Point

The end of the road has come. To be honest, I never thought any project I started would ever last this long.

When I first started Grayowl Point, I had just finished high school and wasn’t yet old enough to go into bars and see the bands I was writing about. I still remember interviewing Menno Versteeg of Hollerado outside the Piston during CMW many years ago because I wasn’t able to go in and do so. I had no idea how to get a blog noticed; for example, having a publicly known email address was something I did not think of right away.

Once I started discovering all the music Canada had to offer, I had to get help, and Laura has been a steady hand in everything for as long as she’s been a part of Grayowl. I owe an endless debt to her especially over the last few years, when I was teaching in South Korea and was not operating in Eastern Standard Time anymore.

Which is all a long way of saying this is the end of Grayowl Point. Though it’s ending, I’m incredibly proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish over these nine years. I hope we’ll be remembered, at least a little bit, for giving a voice to a number of diverse acts from across the gigantic country of Canada. I’ve met so many amazing musicians over the years and seen a countless number of shows I will never forget.

I’m also acutely aware that with the end of this blog, the number of publications writing exclusively about Canadian music has gotten even smaller. There are still a few out there, though! Please go give your attention to our dear friends at Dominionated and Ride the Tempo; they’re still keeping Canadian music alive. We’re with them in spirit.

And now, some thank-yous beyond what I’ve mentioned above:

  • Thank you to every person who was written anything for Grayowl in the past, be it in a regular writer role or as a guest;
  • Thank you to the musicians that have sent us an email to let us know about their music and agreed to talk to us for interviews;
  • Thank you to anyone who read the blog and maybe discovered a new favourite band as a result.

And thank you for reading this. It’s been a pleasure to have had Grayowl Point around for so long.

-Michael Thomas

One comment

  1. What a shock to wake up to here in Nanaimo, BC! Gutted! I only picked up on you guys maybe four or five years ago, and in that time you would not believe how many brilliant acts you’ve pointed me to that I may not have otherwise encountered. You’ve also alerted the rest of Canada to the art of many good friends of mine, most recently – and finally, it seems – FINE. So, Michael, job well done, but do know how appreciated your (collective efforts) have been. Thank you, and good luck with all future endeavours.

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