Audible Hoots: MYTH, Helena Deland, Ouri & more

MYTH – “The Woman In Me”

MYTH’s “The Woman In Me” is part-spoken word poetry, part-rap track that’s a goosebumps inducing spectacle. On the near eight minute long title track from her demo EP, MYTH lives and flourishes despite struggling with mental health issues and encourages listeners – particularly women – to rise up and to make their mark: “grab the pen, you have a story to tell.”

Helena Deland – “Claudion”

In the spring Helena Deland released From the Series of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” Vol. I Vol. II and in October Vol. III & Vol. IV will come our way. On “Claudion,” from Vol. IV,  Deland leaves behind the gritty guitar-pop vibe of her previous installments for a shadowy electro-pop one. It’s a velvety tune about the love and support your friends give you: “I can look after you but, girl, you should look after yourself
,” croons Deland.

The Marphoi Project feat. Alaskan Tapes – “Tiny Sprout”

The Marphoi Project (William Lilla) has teamed up with ambient artist Alaskan Tapes (Brady Kendall) to craft “a placid track about gardening.” “Tiny Sprout” moves purposely with the soft plucks of an acoustic guitar and douses you with a calm haze that quells your busy mind and also encourages you to stay in the moment.

Elk Noises – one not two

Elk Noises’ –  Jared Winberg & Rachel Kingstone – one not two offers us just a morsel of what the Toronto duo are about. On the first of the two improvised piano tracks, “One Not Two,” Winberg coasts from major to minor chords as if one moment the sun is out and the next a cloud has covered it from sight. A snicker and shuffle is heard (Kingstone) and “b not a” comes in. With a few additional background noises, this track is a continuation of Winberg’s movements which build to harsher chord striking. These Elk Noises are curious indeed.

Alex Mason – “Salt and the Sea”

“I wrote these songs in the wake of losing my father and thus far they’re more personal that anything I’ve written to date, which resulted in recording them as live and raw as possible,” Alex Mason tells us about his new EP Salt and the Sea. On the EP’s title track, this emotional rawness fills up the otherwise sparse track. Vocally, Mason sounds like he’s ripping out his emotions for poignant results.

ouri – “Escape”

Montreal-based electronic artist Ouri is getting set to release her EP We Share Our Blood at the end of the month – a release we are pumped for – but for now, dive headfirst into “Escape.” It’s an intricate and broody tune that’s dipped in the “blue haze” that Ouri is desperately trying to shrug off.

Giselle Parker – “Summerlove”

Giselle Parker’s “Summerlove” is a quirky pop track about falling in puppy-love with somebody over summer vacation. This charming song recounts the summer of 1998 and all the hand touching, thrift store shopping, and movie going fun that came before school had to (unfortunately) start. This song will likely take you on a trip down memory lane.

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