Review – “Big Evil Rat” – Big Evil Rat

big evil ratreviewed by Michael Thomas

It’s almost inevitable that Big Evil Rat is a product of Edmonton. The band shares some DNA with other Edmonton acts like Power-Buddies, and, like many other Edmonton act, does guitar-centric rock somehow better than a lot of other bands can do it. Alberta is also a rat-free province, so it makes perfect sense for a rock band from Edmonton to layer on the sinister adjectives in front of “rat.”

The band’s self-titled EP is only a brief taste of what to expect from their future, and with a few band members moving in the next few months, it’s hard to know when, if ever, we’ll get more music. But what we have so far is quite compelling.

The sweet, sweet garage-rock guitars are the driving force of the three songs, at times providing blazing forward momentum, punk-rock energy and a healthy dose of sinister sounds. The vocals are reverbed enough that it’s hard to make out more than a few words at a time, but that’s in line with the instrumentals that are sure to start off many a mosh pit.

The EP packs a lot into its 10-minute runtime, with “Insincere” starting with a steady, sludgy groove before suddenly taking a turn into punk territory for its last 45 seconds. “I Am Found” keeps up the blazing guitars and energy for a solid two minutes. “Dead Light” is the jewel of the EP, starting off with a delightfully evil-sounding riff and going off in several different avenues over five minutes.

Go Google “big evil rat” on Google Images and picture this EP to be the soundtrack of their arrival.

Top Track: “Dead Light”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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