Review – “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” – The Spanish Flies

a1178154719_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

A prairie winter is an experience of its own and can be quite shocking if you aren’t used to it. Originally from Peru, Fel Gamarra moved to Edmonton in 2014 and, upon experiencing the Alberta winter, established his own sunny musical style to brighten up the dark days and frigid nights. The Spanish Flies bring a dash of latin influence and a healthy serving of punk passion to the Edmonton music scene. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait may just be a taste, but it showcases a depth of range and a bright energy.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait is made up of three tracks that, in short (because they are), leave you ready for more. What else would you expect from a release that asks you for patience right on the tin? Opening with the clear guitar and big, effected vocals of “Get Going”, there is a dash of The Kinks in the swing. This tilts into something edgier on the latter two tracks, which find the riff and polished chaos vibes dabbling more in nighttime energy. “Psycho Trip” is still driven by a Libertines-esque guitar riff, but “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” has the vocals taking the lead — and moving into Spanish — while the guitar takes a backseat as punctuation.

Each song slides into the next with a satisfying smoothness, but at the same time, each song feels like a taste of something bigger. The EP concludes on a bittersweet note and you are left with the EP title thrumming through you. With Spanish Flies, more good things are sure to be coming, but — as we were warned — we may just need to wait.

Top Track: “Psycho Trip”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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