Review – “three songs for summer 2018” – Everything is Geometry

three songs for summer 2018reviewed by Michael Thomas

Another year, another extremely straightforward album title from the wildly fun Everything is Geometry. They’ve recorded a few things here and there since their last appearance on the blog, and this very quick EP shows their brilliance in under five minutes.

Ken Holiday and Kristjanne Vosper really do waste no time on this little EP. The EP intro (appropriately called “intro”) is just 22 seconds and immediately assaults you with a celebratory rock-and-roll roar.

Before you know what hit you, “shadow” starts, with a brief vocal introduction from Holiday before Vosper takes over on vocals. The song is a blazing rock track with that dose of summery fun that gives the EP its name, and just for good measure it also adds in some really fun keys at the end. It’s all about partaking in the pleasures of shade on a hot day.

You can see a contrast between “shadow” and closer “wanna talk about me?” If the former is the kind of song you play while enjoying yourself in the summer sun, the latter is the irritability you get from being in the sun, condensed into musical form. You can almost hear the snarl in Holiday’s voice, and the guitars take on a subtly darker tone. When he sings of biting his own tongue (and adding in some profanity for emphasis) and uses phrases like “white trash carcasses,” you can really feel the simmering anger of this one.

And just like that, it’s over. In five minutes you’ll have absorbed so much experimental-rock goodness that several repeats just might make your head explode.

Top Track: “shadow”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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