Review -“Curb Ciggiez EP” – Beach Body

a0771987276_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

Lately, I have been trying to practice mindfulness — or at least setting aside moments to clear my mind of the heavy curves that life tends to take. For this reason, Beach Body’s Curb Ciggiez EP (a wonderfully casual title) came to me as a gift — a selection of spacious, layered escapes into sound, without the semi-pretension of meditation music. Beach Body hail from Regina and bring together the talents of five musicians for their sonic moments: I present this EP to anyone desiring space and buoyancy.

While the shoegaze sounds of effected guitar pop have become popular in Canadian indie, Beach Bodies make sure that each song on this collection features something dynamic to keep your mind coming back to it. Whether it’s the angelic backing vocals on the measured “Curb Ciggiez”, or the organ sounds on the pointier “What Ever Happened”, you’ll be swept up into the microcosmic worlds of the songs. After the hazy atmosphere drifts through with the acoustic and stripped down beginning of “Nothing Gets You Down”, the rise of the effects becomes a part of the craft of the track.

But what is most impressive about Curb Ciggiez EP is the way the laid-back attitude blends with the intentional. The honest vagueness of “What Ever Happened”’s lyrics: “Whatever happened to a lot of things? The good and the bad. Whatever we had”, paired with the structural idea of an EP with an instrumental send off “Outro”. Beach Body convey a sense of the easygoing, the just-for-kicks vitality of creating music, but it’s also clear that they care about what they are crafting. They are doing the work so that you (and I) can have this escape.

Top Track: “Nothing Gets You Down”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) + *swoop*

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