One-on-One with VERSA

In 2015, we partnered up with the great Toronto radio host/encyclopedia of music/maker of a mean lasagna (from what I hear), Luca Capone and hosted some episodes of his weekly radio program The Night Shift. We reached out to Luca to see if he would be interested in teaming up with us again and he was! So keep your eyes and ears open for more great content from Luca.

Tune into The Night Shift every Wednesday from 9-11 PM on CJRU 1280 AM.

Follow Luca on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up to date with all things The Night Shift.

On this episode of the Night Shift, I chatted with the outstanding Alex Ricci of avant-art post-rock ensemble, VERSA, who have released a fantastic new self-titled album! We talked about experimenting with VERSA member Monika Hauk to coordinate multi-media event programming at venues like The White House (Toronto) and Ed Video (Guelph), conjuring unusual performances at an iconic Toronto space that is long gone, being sent back to his Do Make Say Think roots to compose songs to pair with live paint-marbled liquid bath visuals, creating visuals for other bands like U.S. Girls and Deerhoof, engaging with inspiring instrumental music from the likes of Baby Labour and Animatis, honouring classic Guelphite songwriters through various re-imaginations, being moved by unstoppable forces like Lido Pimienta & Big Thief, diving into Alex’s other life as a young basketball sensation, AND OTHER TALES FOR LOVERS OF BANDS, CHUCKLES, AND INCREDIBLE MUSIC TOWNS IN CANADA!

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