Audible/Visual Hoots: Lonely Parade, CARES, Fox Glove & more

Lonely Parade – “Not Nice”

Not to brag or anything, but we’ve known for many years how absolutely incredible The Lonely Parade is, and their latest single just shows that the group is as excellent as ever. Amid crunchy guitars, the band makes a key distinction between being “kind” and “nice.” They proclaim they are not nice, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

CARES – “Collapse Emulator”

What it would look like to swipe through all the content you’d ever need during the apocalypse? That’s what you’ll see in this tremendously upsetting video for “Collapse Emultator,” from CARES’s upcoming Regular Unconscious album. In it, we see a handsome man in a suit—he wouldn’t look out of place in stock photography—at first staring into the camera and smilingly creepily, then swiping through the air, then swiping on a tablet of some kind. It only gets scarier from there (strobe light warning: don’t watch past 2:30 if prone to seizures) and the video is backed by equally apocalyptic music. Synthesizer sounds appear like lightning bolts, sudden and furious, endlessly clashing.

Fox Glove – “Universe, Be Damned.”

It’s been a while since Fox Glove appeared on the blog, but they’re no less exciting since Roll On. It seems important to include the period in the song title—it’s all about the power of the universe and the way it shapes our lives and our destinies. The song’s steady percussion and guitar chords combine with beautiful vocal harmonies for a song that seems tinged in sadness and wonder. How much power does the universe really have over us?

Stefana Fratila – “Swallowed Seeds”

The ghostly electronic soundscape of “Swallowed Seeds” backs a song about violence, often violence toward women. In Stefana Fratila’s directorial debut, we watch (in one take), a couple have a fight, and the woman angrily walking home. It’s dark out, and sure enough, before long we see a man slowly making his way toward her. It’s infuriating to watch, especially when he finally catches up with her. If this makes you angry, think about how often women have to deal with this.

Billy Moon – “Dingus/White Shoes”

Here’s some blazing rock and roll to get you through the hot weather of the summer. As Billy Moon gears up to release a new album this fall, “Dingus” and “White Shoes” are plenty spicy enough to tide you over. “White Shoes” will be over in a flash, an intense ball of punk-rock energy, while “Dingus” takes its time as Moon airs out his frustrations over an unrelenting guitar line. If you need more rock with attitude, Billy Moon’s got it.

Brutus Begins – “The Nothing Here”

Brutus Begins is not the name of a movie about Julius Caesar by Christopher Nolan but the project of Hamilton’s Ricardo Temporao. The psych-folk song feels like a Beatles song remade for the modern era, with interesting metaphors like “ember daydreams will set you afire” intersecting with an electronic landscape. It seems to be a song about being figuratively slain by inaction — “I am doing nothing here/The nothing here is doing me in.”

Kid Lucifer – “Fourth of July”

There’s a real sense of fun in the first single from this Montreal band’s confidently titled album Nothin’ But Bangers. Given the title, you can expect a celebratory atmosphere, and that’s what you’ll get from this garage-rock track. You can almost picture the four guys having the time of their lives playing it on stage.

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