Review – “Plant Matter” – Plant Legs

reviewed by Laura Stanley

I’ve kill two succulents this year. I’m not watering them a lot (I swear!) but they both managed to grow white fuzzy mould on them and die. It was so horrible and I haven’t had the heart to replace them yet.

Whether you’re a plant killer, a diligent plant parent, or maybe you just have a lot of feelings, Ottawa trio Plant Legs make music for you. Self-described as “sad songs from your vegetable patch” the band’s latest release Plant Matter is a crop of pop tracks with sonic dirt on them (they’re lo-fi) but they have been sufficiently watered.

The sound of water is, appropriately, present on the first two tracks. “Violet” is a gentle number – like a summer rain soft enough to nourish the ground but not strong enough to ruin the day. And the track is fittingly about growing and finding your place in the world. On “Outset” lead singer Robin Richardson-Dupuis is hesitant but determined to make changes in her life and keep moving, like the tide which you can hear come and go. In the track’s lyrics included on Bandcamp, Plant Legs have added “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” during an instrumental fill which made me laugh.

“Nettle” is the most downcast tune of the release. Here Plant Legs dabble with some sinister psych-pop sounds and paired with Richardson-Dupuis’ repetition of “they’re in the walls” it’s all quite eerie. But by the end of Plant Matter, on closer “Sunny D,” the sun has come out. Or maybe it’s just the glow from one of those Vitamin D lamps. It’s a bopping track, with a fun and roving guitar outro, about the perpetual motion of life. “I don’t think you’ll be satisfied by a different place in time,” Richardson-Dupuis asserts before taking another sip of the titular sugary cocktail.

Plant Legs have a bountiful harvest.

For more music by plant lovers, we suggest Castle If’s Plant Material.

Top Track: “Sunny D”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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