Review – “L’amour mécanique” – Laura Lefebvre

reviewed by Laura Stanley

The first week of July was an absolute scorcher for a good portion of the eastern part of this country. The air felt so thick and oppressive that it was hard to breathe.

Laura Lefebvre’s debut EP L’amour mécanique complements this type of weather perfectly. The Quebec City singer-songwriter’s music is heavy with emotions and layers of curiously psych-tinged instrumentals. On “Émile,” swirling guitar notes drift by on a tie-dyed cloud as Lefebvre sings of the surreal mess your brain can get you in. By closer “Corridor,” we find Lefebvre tumbling head first into love – a breathtakingly hazy journey that drifts deep into the shadows before gasping for air at the very end.

Opener “Violence” begins with playful, near cheeky, guitar plucking, matching Lefebvre’s words of contentment: “Limpide, Paisible, Endroit où tu n’existes pas.” But as the track progresses, it shows its dark underbelly as you hear that Lefebvre fears somebody’s violence. Slowly that guitar melody becomes chilling. “La bête,” another highlight, stands apart from the rest of the EP because of its rockier sonic landscape. The song’s driving, determined beat, thrusts Lefebvre forward as she runs from her past self (she’s the beast!) into the arms of a healthier, stronger version of herself.

L’amour mécanique‘s is one of my favourite finds of 2018 and I hope it’s one of yours too.

Top Track: “Violence”; “La bête”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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