Review – “Star Shooter” – Creature Speak

a1021939380_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

Creature Speak takes all the strongest parts of her vintage inspirations and pulls them together to make a cucumber-cool record that is sure to help you through this hot summer heat. Kick back for a moment, stick a straw in your soda (or better yet — maybe a diner-style milkshake), and take a drag of Star Shooter.

Brittany Brooks goes by the name Creature Speak when she’s creating tunes, but she is also known as Star Shooter to those who watch her play pinball. Or at least, that’s what opening track “Star Shooter” declares with a heavy hum of bass and distantly effected vocals. This is the perfect introduction to a record that takes western-flare standards (the guitar licks on “Star Shooter” and “Cow Cow Boogie” are examples) and douses it in a dreamy melancholy – “Bottom of a Bottle” breaks your heart with soft vocals and the realization of love lost, while “Missin’ You (Don’t look good on me)” plucks away as a breakup turns to a fresh start.

But it is “Honey Baby” that has Creature Speak in her groove. Here, the acoustic guitar takes a more prominent role while the western-twanged vocals drop musical allusions (Yoko Ono, Graceland, etc.) and Creature Speak paints a narrative of running away with a band. It’s a victory at the end of the on-again off-again heartbreak feel of the record. It’s a reflection of life.

Between dreaming the heat away and cool rock-out moments, there is no doubt that Creature Speak knows how to craft a tune that strums nostalgic chords. I know I’ll have Star Shooter at the ready this summer.

Top Tracks: “Star Shooter”; “Honey Baby”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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