Premiere: Dumb – “Party Whip”

Last month Vancouver band Dumb released Seeing Green – an energetic batch of post-punk tracks – via Mint Records. Now the band has unveiled a wobbly and surrealist western style video for the album’s track “Party Whip.”

Director Katayoon Yousefbigloo explains the premise of the video: “The video follows four unlucky gamblers as they lose the same game three times. They meet artists, musicians, movie stars and other very important people, whose brilliance, wit, and talent blind them into playing their hands backwards to the same result.  A poker face is only effective if you trick yourself first.”

Watch the “Party Trick” unfold below and check out Dumb on tour this summer:

July 9 – Birmingham, AL – The Nick
July 10 – Nashville, TN – The Cobra
July 11 – Atlanta, GA – Star Bar
July 12 – Chapel Hill, NC – The Cave
July 13 – Philadelphia, PA – Planet Phitness
July 14 – Philadelphia, PA – Tundra Dome
July 16 – Brooklyn, NY – Alphaville
July 17 – Manhattan, NY – Mercury Lounge
July 18 – Montreal, QC – Le Sottorenea
July 20 – Ottawa, ON – Pressed
July 21 – Toronto, ON – The Beguiling
July 24 – Cincinnati, OH – Comet Residency
July 25 – Bloomington, IN – Resource Fibre
July 26 – Chicago, IL – Margaritaville
July 27 – Chicago, IL – Kinder Garden
July 28 – Minneapolis, MN – Dead Media
July 29 – Winnipeg, MN – HMS Arlington
July 31 – Calgary, AB – The Palomino
August 2 – Kelowna, BC – Milkcrate Records

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