Review – “LOLAA” – LOLAA

LOLAA_ESPCoverArtreviewed by Michael Thomas

If you’ve absolutely slept on the debut EP from LOLAA (Nadia King and Lexi Valentine, formerly of Magneta Lane) like me, there’s no better time than now to get into LOLAA and LOLAA the EP. The project was born out of King and Valentine’s desire to embrace their Mexican heritage, although they sang their debut EP in English.

Their music is joyous, perfect pop. King and Valentine say they draw inspiration from Latin American pop icons like Gloria Estefan and disco greats like Donna Summer; certainly dancing plays a big part in LOLAA’s music. In fact the song “Lola” specifically asks you to dance. With this music, you dance and leave nothing hidden.

That honesty is front and centre with the monstrously catchy first two songs, “El Sonido A Estellar” (Breaking Sound) and “Siempre He Sito” (Always Been). The first 30 seconds are quietly powerful, with a few synths and soft drumming, but the music and vocals explode after that, suddenly becoming a loud, anthemic song about a heartbreak. “Siempre He Sito” is somehow even more massive, the percussion setting the tone for another song in which you can dance your heart out.

“Lola” takes it easy just a bit, breaking beats and glockenspiel sounds combining for a dance-pop lullaby. “Cancion 6” (Song 6) takes on a darker tone, but after that we return to the soaring heights of the first song. “Barricada” (Barricades) gets louder and louder in a song about being in a relationship with a difficult person. Finally there’s “Espiritus” (Spirits), an almost dance-punk song about getting over a lover.

In times like these, it’s always nice to see people embracing their identities to the fullest. To be a Spanish-singing act in Canada is still rare, but to hear it embraced and backed by incredible pop music makes this triumphant.

Top Tracks: “El Sonido A Estellar”; “Siempre He Sido”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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