Review – “Island Time” – Yitzy

a0834748525_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

Summer is officially swinging, and regardless of whether that means time for relaxation or time for new projects, it’s important to give yourself a few moments to sit back and unwind — or as Yitzy describes: “slow down, look around, and enjoy that G+T”.

Yitzy is all about finding chill, having changed his musical appellation from Isaak Salomon to Yitzy in order “to loosen up”. Island Time is Yitzy’s latest EP under the moniker, and brings Hawaiian soul together with a heart of folk americana to transport you to a beach, or maybe a campfire. Imagine where you feel most relaxed, and let this cooled off music take you there.

“Carry Me Back Home” indulges in folk smoothness but adds a dash of Hawaiian jangle, layering up while simultaneously meandering, like the beginnings of a sweet vacation buzz. (G+T, anybody?) The country flair comes in with the drawl of the guitar on “Weekend Weather” as well as the story-swept and lovelorn duet “Philadelphia (feat. Eva Foote)”. “Island Time” closes the album on a more rhythmic note, though with a melancholy touch in the downward slide of the guitar — but by the conclusion the song is drifting into a dreaminess that evokes optimism. A great way to say farewell, if only for now.

Let the stress and the anxiety roll away like clouds for a moment as you sit back and allow this four-song EP a little over fifteen minutes of your time — you’ll feel grateful for the refreshing break from the speed of life, and you’ll be planning your next mind vacation into Island Time before you know it.

Top Track: “Carry Me Back Home”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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