Premiere: LUKA – “Quick Reflex”

Long a staple of their live sets, LUKA finally committed “Quick Reflex” to tape with November’s excellent What Kind of Animal. The song is awash with nostalgia, so it’s only fitting that the video is equally as nostalgic. In the song, Luke Kuplowsky sings about his brothers, and in fact the video is directed by his brother, Adam. Kuplowsky tells us the video is an ode to his hometown of Etobicoke (the outer area of Toronto, for you non-Torontonians). In it, we see still images of Etobicoke in the present mixed in with old family footage of the brothers goofing around as kids.

See it below, and check out LUKA’s upcoming shows with Isaac Vallentin and other blog favourites like Fog Lake and Merganzer.

June 28 – Montréal at La Vitrola w/ Isaac Vallentin + Fog Lake
June 29 – Toronto at Northern Contemporary w/ Isaac Vallentin + Ali Devenish
June 30 – Ottawa at General Assembly w/ Isaac Vallentin + Merganzer
July 2  –  St. Catharines at Rise Above w/ Jane Baker + Coco Barracuda

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