Premiere: Dorothea Paas – “Container”

Dorothea Paas is about to embark on a summer tour with fellow Toronto act BABY CAGES and to mark the occasion, she will be releasing a four-track tour tape, One For The Road. In anticipation of ALL of that, Paas has created a music video for one of her new tracks, “Container,” streaming below.

“Container” is a melancholic tune. Paas is the lone performer here, the entire tour tape is her first foray into solo studio recording, as she turns inwards and questions why she is the way she is. The video, though, will make you smile. As varying stock photos, clip art, and nature shots appear behind her, Paas holds flowers while a fan blows her hair back in a dramatic stand-on-the-edge-of-the-Titanic sort of way. At one point she even holds her arms out like Jack and Rose. Paas’ video, which was made with the help of BUMP TV, has a lot of layers, as she explains:

“Container” explores unrealistic love fantasies and my lifelong relationship with anxiety, all through a dramatic Powerpoint presentation. The video features a hyper-romantic, natural “dreamscape” in which genuine emotions and performative melodrama are difficult to distinguish, played out through the aesthetic of online culture, which lets us safely reveal our deepest fears and sadness through a gauze of humour and hyperbole.

This video captures something about the way I process love and relationships through my songs and my “online self”. I am able to tap into something deep and true, but I don’t always let myself feel it; performing music and making jokes about my feelings online are two ways of exploring emotion without letting it overwhelm me. Later, when looking back, I see the truth in what was being explored. I hope that viewers experience the same thing with this video – laughing and “feeling things”, maybe at the same time or maybe in sequence.

Watch “Container” below and check out BABY CAGES & Dorothea Paas in a city near you this summer!

BABY CAGES & Dorothea Paas tour!
June 30 – Guelph, ON – Take Time Vintage
July 4 – Ottawa, ON – Black Squirrel Books
July 5 – Montreal, QC – Canadian Centre For Architecture
July 6 – Montréal, QC – Brasserie Beaubien
July 7 – Quebec City, QC – TBA
July 8 – Saint John, NB – Taco Pico
July 11 – South Shore, NS – Lahave Bakery
July 12 – Halifax, NS – The Khyber
July 13 – Sackville, NB – Thunder & Lightening
July 14 – Fredericton, NB – Reads NewsStand
July 18 – Waterloo, ON – Harmony Lunch
July 19 – London, ON – House Show
July 21 – Minneapolis, MN – Dead Media
July 22 – Minneapolis, MN – Kitty Cat Club
July 23 – Winnipeg, MB – House Show
July 25 – Regina, SK – The Cure
July 26 – Saskatoon, SK – Black Cat Tavern
July 27 – Calgary, AB – TBA
July 28 – Edmonton, AB – Sewing Machine Factory
Aug 1 – Vancouver, BC – Avant Garden
Aug 2 – Bellingham, WA – MakeShift Art Space


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