Premiere: The Pxrtals – “Life With You”

It was just Father’s Day a few days ago, and the third and final video from The Pxrtals’ album Un Jour really fits the occasion. The song seems to hold loudness in one hand and softness in the other, a soaring song that also keeps itself restrained. The band’s Lévi Soulodre describes it as “electronic dark folk” or “blue hour folk.”

In the video by Emily Only, we see a number of photos spanning 40 years as seen through an old-fashioned slide projector (which might bring to mind the “Carousel” pitch from Mad Men). We see photos of Lévi Soulodre’s parents before and after he was born, and the video feels more intimate than most videos can.

Soulodre describes the video as

creating a pleasant journey of snapshots (both linearly and outside chronologically) of a young couple’s growth into parenthood, and the beauty and importance of introducing a balance of nature-going and travel in our lives, as far as people are able to.


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