Premiere: These Guy – “Heaps”

The dramatically intense background of first single “Heaps” will make you forget how grammatically infuriating These Guy is as a band name. The trio, who are set to release a self-titled EP late this year, show how off how big and bold they can be. Loud, crunchy synth textures and blazing guitar combine for a song about finding yourself in new surroundings and being in love.

The video, which was unsurprisingly inspired by Chad Van Gaalen, was created by Brisbane’s Helena Papageorgiou, and in it we see two big creatures making their way through a death-filled landscape. As they finally make their way toward each other and connect, they undergo a change for the better.

These Guy’s Joe Saxby explained the genesis of the song and the video:

“Heaps” is about a real or imagined moment I had, I can’t really remember, when I first moved to Vancouver. One morning, I went out and sat on a lawn chair in the front yard of my apartment building and started meditating. It was a sunny day – rare in March, as I found, but not freakishly so. After a few minutes, my mind started to feel clear of all the clutter that had been accumulating over the last while, especially in the lead-up to the move. I was majorly drifting back down to Earth, starting to actually feel present in my new surroundings.

Halfway through, the track turns into a love song.

For the video, I linked up with Helena after seeing her animation work. I wanted to replicate the weirdness of Fantastic Planet – I felt like the song would lend itself well to being put in the context of an alien atmosphere. Helena really ran with it and made something all her own, though.

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