Review – “Running for the Door” – Georgia Higgins

reviewed by Laura Stanley

Toronto singer-songwriter Georgia Higgins’ debut EP Running for the Door is a bluesy ‘n brief outing about how we push and pull people away and the importance of being confident with those choices.

And Higgins is confident. Surrounded by the curling smoke of an alt-country/rock backdrop Higgins’ vocals delivery is effortlessly cool. She sounds like she will hold you tight one moment and then punch you in the face the next. A perfect balance.

Opener “Picking Up The Pieces” is the grooviest song on the record with its mid-tempo country-ish vibe that could still float above the din of a rowdy cowboy bar. It also makes me want to send Higgins a string of flexed biceps emojis. Throughout the song she mulls over a relationship that she just can’t seem to shake even though she definitely wants to: “Set me free,” she asserts. By song’s end it feels like she’s out the door and has given it a loud slam for good measure.

“Down” is a hazy and sexy number about being overwhelmingly, I’ll-drop-everything-and-come-over, attracted to somebody. “I can give you anything you want and more.” Yowzers. There’s even a “~tasty guitar solo~” that somehow feels more suggestive than it was probably meant to.

“The Moment I Fell For You” is a wistful and tender closing track –  while “Down” had a “~tasty guitar solo~”, this track has a “~~romantic mandolin solo~”. It’s also quietly a burn and a self-empowering tack. For Higgins, the moment she fell was a mistake. “I lost my view,” she sings. Most importantly though, she doesn’t regret a thing: “No I won’t take back the time that you were mine. But I will move on.”

Whether you’re staying in or running for the door, Higgins’ debut EP is a great one.

Top Tracks: “Picking Up The Pieces”

Prout Hoot (Really Good)

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