One-on-One with Jeremy Dutcher & Jason Doell

Back in 2015, we partnered up with the great Toronto radio host/encyclopedia of music/maker of a mean lasagna (from what I hear), Luca Capone and hosted some episodes of his weekly radio program The Night Shift. We recently reached out to Luca to see if he would be interested in teaming up with us again and he was! So keep your eyes and ears open for more great content from Luca. 

Tune into The Night Shift every Wednesday from 9-11 PM on CJRU 1280 AM.

Follow Luca on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up to date with all things The Night Shift.

On this episode of the Night Shift, I had the pleasure of featuring not one, but TWO interviews! First off, I featured my April 2018 interview with the amazing Jeremy Dutcher, who released one of my favourite album of 2018 in Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa For more information on that interview, head here!

I also chatted with composer, sound artist, new music workshop administrator, and one of Brampton’s finest Jason Doell, who just released his first debut album as a composer …amid the cannon’s roar! We talked about how the album touches on coming to grips with inheriting a brutal British Imperial legacy, digging heavily into the world of social media feedback loops, experimenting with bizarre frequencies and walls as sound filters in Delicate Triangles, our thoughts on the best slice in Toronto, exploring the legacy of the Brampton music scene & OTHER DASTARDLY TALES!

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