Review – “kidcombo” – kidcombo

a0762264674_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

“i dont have drums,” reads kidcombo’s bandcamp page under the accompanying lofi artist photo of a headless person. This all comes together to build the mystery of this musician, whose latest and fourth release, eponymously titled kidcombo — rolls in and out like fog.

Everything comes and everything goes and this is especially true of the tracks and sum of this three song EP. The atmospheric album opener, “View of Winter Trees”, breaks open with a rhythmic acoustic sound, like the sun burning off a layer of fog. By the end of the song, the heavier ambiance has returned with synths that shine brightly through — pinprick fog lights. On the instrumental “Out Stealing Horses”, kidcombo takes a cleaner approach and focuses on the way melodies can design a groove in building repetitions. When the heavier aura returns on the EP closer “The Sword Went Out to Sea”, you realize that you have craved the spaciousness and the vocals that drift like a breeze.

The EP, for all of its unity, works hardest at the top, losing some of the depth as the tracks grow shorter. The compositions become moods that linger, but that would stick longer if the atmosphere was pushed further.

kidcombo’s eponymous EP moves like weather, rolling in and burning off just in time for the next phase. You relish in the mystery of it all while craving the peaks of the sun. I can’t wait to see what shift will come next.

Top Track: “View of Winter Trees”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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