One-on-One with Karen Ng & Joe Strutt

Back in 2015, we partnered up with the great Toronto radio host/encyclopedia of music/maker of a mean lasagna (from what I hear), Luca Capone and hosted some episodes of his weekly radio program The Night Shift. We recently reached out to Luca to see if he would be interested in teaming up with us again and he was! So keep your eyes and ears open for more great content from Luca. 

Tune into The Night Shift every Wednesday from 9-11 PM on CJRU 1280 AM.

Follow Luca on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up to date with all things The Night Shift.

On this episode of The Night Shift, I welcomed two of my favourite music people in the city! First off, the marvellous Karen Ng and the stunning Joe Strutt! We chatted about about arguably the most exciting music festival in the city, TONE, which is the vision of Karen, along with Daniel Pencer, Ron Gaskin and Tad Michalak. TONE, is celebrating it’s second year, and is running from June 3rd to 22nd! We talked about the incredible musicians being featured at this year’s festival, how TONE is propelling the fundamental spirit for DIY/experimental music communities in Toronto and across Canada, concerns that Toronto is potentially heading down the path of Vancouver, which small Massachusetts town lauded as the new ‘Brooklyn’ is attracting adventurous musicians from across the US, why the modern landscape of Toronto’s venue hotbeds is due for a change, and MANY MORE TALES FOR FANS OF THE EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC SCENE IN TORONTO!

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