Audible/Visual Hoots: Future States, Germany Germany, Basement Revolver, & more

Future States – “Heaven” 

Earlier this spring, Montreal experimental-poppers and friends Future States treated us to a digital 7″. “Heaven” (the a-side) is a tight pop track about letting go and enjoying what you have in the now: “there’s no going to heaven, I’m fine with that. When we die, we die. When we’re dead, we’re dead.”  The sentiment is paired with wobbly and fun archival footage from the 50s and 60s that starts off black and white before exploding into colour. A fun look & listen.

l i l a – “Great Drama”

l i l a’s (aka Marianne Poirier) “Great Drama” is a dreamy ambient-pop track about dreams. Specifically, those dreams that pull you awake and leave you drenched in sweat. For a brief moment while dreaming, the love that you tossed aside was yours and it was good and so when you wake, you feel sick with regret. Poirier’s delivery is soft and gentle but there’s also a haunting quality about it all that sends a chill up your spine.

Cosmic Litany Soundtrack

Oo-boy, here’s a treat for lovers of ephemera! Oshawa-based label Housewife Records have released an experimental drone/ambient film released on VHS called Cosmic Litany. Prepare to dive into a world of caustic noise that will terrify you…unless you love that sort of stuff in which case you will love it. Only 14 VHS copies are being sold and last I checked, there’s only two left!

Germany Germany – “Ghost”

Germany Germany aka Steady Phase aka Drew Harris released the LP Juneau earlier this Spring and has now given one of its tracks, the juicy synth-pop song “Ghost,” the video treatment. The video is a trip as we follow Harris wandering into a hotel room to play his song while a bunch of people wait around. I think they are in limbo, waiting to see what comes next after death. The visuals are exquisite and the 80s vibe fits perfectly with the track.

A.N.D.Y – “On Me”

The first words we hear on “On Me,” the debut single from Vancouver artist A.N.D.Y are “Now that I’ve got your attention…” It’s a pretty perfect opening phrase considering how captivating “On Me” – a stuttering r&b/pop track – is. A.N.D.Y that has our attention.

Basement Revolver – “Baby”

Hamilton band Basement Revolver are so great and we’re very excited to hear that they are releasing their debut LP this August. “Baby,” the first single from the forthcoming album, is a sprawling rock track that feels enormous as lead singer Chrisy Hurn goes through difficult steps in search of happiness and comfort.

Errunhrd – “Teleology (You Will Not)”

The video for “Teleology (You Will Not),” a track from Niagara Falls producer Shirin Ghoujalou aka Errunhrd’s EP Liked You Better When You Were Mine released earlier this year, is a scattered and sinister one. Coupled with the sounds of the track’s throbbing electro-pop beat, Ghoujalou burns up a letter and explores new places to delete the past.

KERN – “A Stranger” 

Hannah DeBoer-Smith’s (KERN) EP Had to Happen is about looking the bastard in the eye and fighting, to paraphrase a line from the track “A Stranger”. The bastard in this scenario is anxiety and depression. “A Stranger,” a hazy folk track, is an honest look at how much anxiety and depression can weigh on a person and the strength that it takes to admit you need help and to get healthy.

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