Review – “Morgan Jorgensen’s Organ” – Jorgensen

morgan jorgensons organreviewed by Michael Thomas

Calling an album Morgan Jorgensen’s Organ makes perfect sense for the kind of confessional, heart-on-sleeve emo/folk music of Jorgensen. The album art helps you easily imagine a kid off in a corner, in front of a magnificent organ, putting his truest thoughts and feelings to music. The assonance of the title just makes it better—imagine how many times a kid named “Morgan Jorgensen” would get made fun of based on his name.

Which is all a way of saying that Morgan Jacob’s project doesn’t hold anything back. It’s the kind of album teenage you would dream of making, but thankfully it’s not the kind of saccharine and embarrassing lyrics teenage you would come to regret years later.

The production amplifies what could be just a guy strumming his guitar into something bigger. The roaring of guitars in “Intro” gives a taste of Jacob’s louder side, and later in the album we see him almost move into an alt-country sound.

The middle songs “Daisy” and “À toi” are the best examples of Jorgan’s confessional lyrics. The former is largely an extended stream of consciousness backed by guitar as Jacob stews on a relationship. The latter feels especially sad as he goes on about a move he didn’t make, that thankfully never veers into Nice Guy territory. It’s particularly alarming when he finishes the song by singing “I haven’t eaten in days ’cause I don’t have the time to go to the grocery store/’Cause I was wondering why I couldn’t make a move.”

Indecision is a theme throughout the album, like in “Undecided.” There’s a kind of warped poetry in the lines “Why can’t you just let go sometimes/about everything,” and he later calls himself blind and tortured.

With “Black Peruvian Paso” we an hear what a fuller-band Jorgensen sounds like, with wonderful vocal harmonies in the chorus and a smoother blend of sounds. He sings of telling a story with a gaping hole in it, followed by an earnest confession of love. Finally, in “Silhouettes,” he starts out softly and gets louder and louder before opening up emotionally again, admitting: “I cried all day trying to think of anything but that.”

Isn’t it nice to be vulnerable sometimes?

Top Track: “Silhouettes”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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