Review – “Music to Talk Over” – Somersaulter


reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

It is apparent, right off the bat, that Somersaulter is a band that knows what they are about. If it wasn’t clear from the way they articulate the meaning and mood of each song (and it is), then it is clear in the repeated choice to kick off with big riffs and circle around until the track is sound-saturated. This band makes conscious choices. With Music to Talk Over, Somersaulter create big moods with no shortage of romp, all while exploring themes of loss, both in the past and impending.

The EP opens with an eponymous instrumental track that is built around a clear, sweet riff that gradually grows distorted before meandering between crisp and chaos. “Pauly” arrives with a bang. We start to feel the punk in what Somersaulter call “not-quite-pop-punk” in the bass-steady distortion and loud vocals. The theme unfolds in “Sincerity” — moving from the remembrance of “Pauly” to the reminder that one day it might be too late to tell the people you love what you want to tell them. For all the thrill of the music, the meaning comes in layers.

“Model Citizen” balances against the poppy opening of the EP by using jangly guitar riffs to bring a brightness before opening up into something heavier. The mixing evokes a sense of live performance, and with that comes the feeling that Somersaulter have an energy that would be fantastic to experience in a crowded room, jumping with other people and absorbing the sounds.

Music To Talk Over is a spacious and cohesive EP that would be a shame to talk over — unless you planned on putting the album on repeat and letting it soak into your day over multiple listens, in which case, talk away, and let these riffs infuse you with a catchy intensity.

Top Track: “Model Citizen”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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