Review – “Cue” – Jaunt

reviewed by Laura Stanley

Jaunt’s Cue is my favourite sounding release of 2018 so far. Each note is a rich dollop of something sweet like mint chocolate chip ice cream or blueberry jam on waffles. Whatever sweet dollop you crave, Cue is the musical equivalent.

“Machined” unfolds into a multi-tiered contraption, moving from a soft almost eerie sounding tune into a pop groove that makes me want to put on a polyester floral shirt.  Wobbling bass notes, a screeching guitar solo, and a clarinet breezily come together on “Best Case” and “Intimate Sunset,” the softest track of the bunch, drifts like the sherbet orange hues of its title.

With the sun set and night upon us, “Faster Interactions” heats things up. The groove here is sultry and completely wild as Tom Helliwell, alongside Blunt Chunks’ Caitlin Woelfle O’Brien and Mauno’s Eliza Niemi pull you into a sweaty, chaotic night out. At the end of the reel,  lies “Cued.” It’s a brief tune that is a velvety layer of masked vocals and synths. You sink right into it, exhausted.

The chill tones of the Toronto band’s previous EP Chat caught our attention a few years back and while Cue is also chill, the tones within are rounder, deeper, and even more satisfying.

Bonus goodness: The b-side of the Cue cassette features an all instrumental version of the EP and it’s dreamy as hell.

Top Tracks: “Machined”; “Faster Interactions”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) + *swoop*

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