Audible/Visual Hoots: Russell Louder, Thanya Iyer, FRANKIIE & more

Silver Dapple – “Vibration”

Silver Dapple’s “Vibration” buzzes with excitement. It’s a poppy post-punk track whose blazing fast pace is like the jittery, rapid-paced thoughts you have when you meet somebody cute.  Their new album Moody Boots is out tomorrow. –Laura Stanley

FRANKIIE – “Dream Reader”

It’s not surprising that the latest single from FRANKIIE feels like something out a fever dream—the song was, in fact, inspired by a series of dreams. The funky, propulsive song really suits the kind of frightening video, in which a girl moves around in a world inhabited by people wearing animal masks. There’s a ton going on and it almost feels like a spoiler to mention anything else. – Michael Thomas

Pentagon Black Compilation No. 4 

[Buy here]

Montreal duo the Famines have released their fourth instalment of their Pentagon Black Compilation. No. 4 is the second phone compilation as each of the 19 original, previous unreleased tracks were recorded live via the phone. The compilation features short and sweet tunes from BBQT, Property//, Smokey & the FeeelingsKlarka Weinwurm, and tons more. And all for two bucks! –LS

AUDREY – “Cry”

There’s something very soothing about this song about a fractured relationship. After a 40-second intro of minimal beats backing some very angry spoken French, we move into the meat of the song. We’re quickly given an image of being “alone at the dinner table” among other things, as downtempo beats and sporadic bursts of noise punctuate AUDREY’s smooth vocals. – MT

Russell Louder – “Windows”

Russell Louder describes their two song EP Nip as “an instrumental grief-baby” – a description that I adore. As you would expect, “Windows,” the first track of the EP, is an expulsion of layered electronic sounds, I like the faint, siren-like, sound that whirs in the background of track and then gets dragged to the forefront by the end. There’s something different to latch onto during each listen. –LS

Jesse and the Dandelions – “Not Getting Your Way”

Incredibly, we first featured Jesse and the Dandelions back in 2010, and they’ve grown stronger and stronger as band over the years. “Not Getting Your Way,” the first single from their upcoming album Give Up the Gold, has the band digging into psychedelia with great success. There’s a haze around Jesse Northey’s vocals and the slick keys and guitars, and the vocal harmonies are just heavenly in a song about the spoiled people who can’t adapt to changing circumstances. –MT

Thanya Iyer – “DayDreaming”

Earlier this year, one of our favourite Montreal artists Thanya Iyer (and crew) released the Do You Dream? Mixtape. The five tracks from the mixtape were taken from the band’s 2016 record Do You Dream? and flipped upside-down, shaken about, and flipped right side up again. The video for the mixtape version of “DayDreaming” is suitably psychedelic. We see Iyer, her band, and the MAWMZ choir (Brigitte Naggar of Common HollyShelby Cohen, and Sarah Rossy) who are featured on the mixtape, under shadows, in light, and distorted by colours and animations. These visuals with the medley of sounds is a perfect pairing. –LS

Goosebump – “Heather’s Invitation”

I’ll basically be a fan of anything by members of the band Gay (RIP) and Goosebump (formerly Germaphobes) have a ridiculously fun 80s-esque single to share ahead of their album Goosebump by Goosebump. They hilariously describe the song as “middle-brow” due to a reference to Kazuo Ishiguro paired with chords that apparently sound like music by ELO. Paul Erlichman’s voice pairs perfectly with this very busy song. –MT

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