Premiere: Isaac Vallentin – “Nowhere to be Found”

“My life’s already over, I’m just waiting for the day my body disappears into the dark again.”

I love the melodrama of the opening line of “Nowhere to be Found,” a new silky smooth song from Isaac Vallentin from his forthcoming record Amateur due out on June 4th. Vallentin describes the track as “an epiphany song: a moment of realization that an attitude once held is of poor character—followed by an emotional cocktail of perspicuity, humiliation, and relief.”

You tumble into this tune, and don’t want to leave, thanks to a steep melody right off the top which reminds Vallentin of Sam Cooke; “In a way, I wrote it for him to sing,” Vallentin tells us. The song’s video, shot in Treviso, Italy where Vallentin lived for much of the record’s production, is simplistic, a single continuous shot of a kid shooting hoops in front of a church. Perhaps a reflection of all of the shots we take in love – some make it and some don’t. Listen and look below.

You can per-order Amateur here.

Issac and his band will be celebrating the record’s release with a handful of shows:

June 28 – Montréal, at O Patro Vys
June 29 – Toronto, at Northern Contemporary
June 30 – Ottawa, at General Assembly

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