Premiere: Rose-Erin Stokes – “Always On My Mind”

Four years ago, we noted how each song by Rose-Erin Stokes is like a world unto itself. What could be simple folk music is elevated by atmospheric synths and roomy production.

In January of this year, Stokes released her debut LP, Wherever I Go, and she’s just given her song “Always On My Mind” the video treatment. The song is nakedly emotional, starting with the line “If I could, I would make the whole world stop for you,” Stokes singing just softly enough to make you really feel the weight behind each word, and the finger-picked guitar is almost exclusively what you hear backing her up.

The video, produced by Shawn Kosmo, features Stokes in a white studio and dressed in white, with some projections occasionally playing over her. As Stokes explained to us, the emphasis of the video was on its dreaminess:

We wanted to play off the dreaminess and ambience in the production and theme of the song so we used a juxtaposition of simple/ monochrome falling into a daydream of projections and lights.

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