Premiere: Drago Dit Dragon – “Pipe Dreams”

Pipe Dreams cover
Drago Dit Dragon is definitely a name you’ll at least once stumble over trying to say, but his music goes down smooth. The solo project of Matthew Drago started in 2013, and Pipe Dreams is a beautiful introduction to his self-described “drum-machine-driven psych-pop” record.

Drago recruited Charles Tilden (Delta Will) as his co-producer, and you can hear the dreaminess of Tilden’s touch in the songs here. Tilden even contributes vocals to the spacey “Fullhouse,” while Desirée Das Gupta (Kaleidoscope Horse) contributes vocals to the surprisingly emotional “As You Like.”

Speaking of emotions, Drago tells us the album revolves around hopes and fears. On opener “Right Place,” amid a beat that sounds like it’s constantly being snipped, Drago sings “You think you’re special? Well you’re right.” There’s a lot of fear in “Okay,” a song with a killer bass line and an ever-changing mix of backup instruments. “I can’t find the reason we fight all the time/I’m so broke I can’t afford to ask why,” he sings, in a devastating first two verses.

The instrumental weirdness is what makes this EP so great, from the glitches of “Cold Outside” to the pulsating keys and groovy bass of “Caught In Plans.”

Check out Pipe Dreams now before its official release on Toronto’s Knapsack Records, and see the EP release at Toronto’s Cameron House on April 27, with guests Ocean Potion and Delta Will.

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