Audible/Visual Hoots: Jared Cropley, L CON, Sophia Danai & more

Jared Cropley – “My Darling Mary Ann”

“My Darling Mary Ann” unfolds quietly. In each verse of this roving folk track, Jared Cropley reveals more and more distinct details about the song’s protagonist. We learn about their mental state, their addiction, their loss: “I’m ashamed, I’m in love,” Cropley sings. It’s a devastating song, for sure, but it also highlights Cropley’s skillful songwriting. – Laura Stanley

L CON – You Were Right

Lisa Conway’s upcoming album Insecurities in Being looks to be a transformative record. Though Moon Milk‘s conceit blew us away, this new album looks just as special based on its first single. “You Were Right” features a long intro of pulsating synths before Conway finally begins to sing and the song hits its groove. The sporadic flares of horn and killer bass notes make this song about the possibility of love a special one. –Michael Thomas

Sophia Danai – “Come Thru”

Sophia Danai’s “Come Thru” is an absolutely fierce track. As a bluesy guitar dances with Danai’s smokey vocals, the song is angry but epiphanic and one to blast as you pack up your stuff and leave behind a shitty situation. Every time Danai sings, “Come get your goddamn shit out my goddamn way!” I feel pumped up. Come through, Sophia! – LS

TOVI – “Passenger Seat”

This slick synth-pop song uses a driving metaphor to describe the fraying of a relationship. Rebecca Emms sings “I’m tired of letting you in” at the beginning of the song before finally moving to her main thesis in the chorus: “I just wanted you to drive for once/Let me sleep in the passenger seat.” Stay tuned for her EP Midnight Hum coming out on April 27. – MT

Hélène Barbier – “Tidal Bore”

Hélène Barbier, from the bands Moss Lime and Phern, will be releasing a solo album early June but the album’s first track is already here. On this swirling and wobbling pop jam, Barbier calls the tidal bore (whoever that may be) a “messy tease” and braces for its impact. Or perhaps she scoffs at the destruction this tidal bore causes. Barbier’s record Have you met Elliott ? comes out June 6th. – LS

Feel Alright – Cool Water

This might be the perfect soundtrack to walking through the desert. The guitars are oh so slick, the vocal harmonies gentle but piercing—it feels like a mirage materializing in the desert right before your eyes. It’s a suitably refreshing psych-pop tune given its name. –MT

nice apple – “Hard to Know”

Vancouver duo nice apple’s “Hard to Know” is ripe with lyrics. It clocks in at just over two minutes but during that time, nice apple cut into a relationship that ultimately has a rotten core. The song has no chorus and so except for an elongate scream of “ahhh!,” there are no pauses which gives the song a stream of consciousness feel. It also includes lyrical gems like: “I couldn’t say goodbye to the muggy din of cordial conversation.” On Bandcamp, nice apple promise “more soon” and so we’ll munch on this for a while.  – LS

Raf Wilcot – “Tied Up”

From the ever-vibrant roster of Egg Paper Factory artists comes Raf Wilcot of Telstar Drugs (RIP), with a mellow and invigorating new song. There’s a soulfulness in Wilcot’s vocals, though the song seems to be about reaching an oversaturated point in a romantic relationship. Just keys are enough to make this a son to savour in total stillness. – MT

Lindsay Kay – “Invited” 

Lindsay Kay is fed-up on “Invited.” The track’s delicate and sparse folk arrangement allows plenty of room for Kay to tell men to fuck off and to demand that women’s bodies are not touched without consent. I like how each verse begins with “Don’t,” as if the song is a list and men need to memorize each point. Kay’s forthcoming debut LP, For the Feminine, by the Feminine, is a concept album centring on themes of femininity and womanhood and was made entirely by women. It’s due out later this year. – LS

The Pxrtals – “Hidden Frame”

The most recent project from Lévi Soulodre (Volcanoless in Canada) dials back the aggression of his previous band into something more akin to folk-infused pop music. The gentle but emotional song gets an animated video treatment as we watch someone go to another world in a dream. The dream traveler eventually sees a monster, and defeats it in the best way possible. – MT

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