Premiere: Juniper – “Metamorphosis”

The first video single from a described “myth-folk” duo is a good illustration of what “myth-folk” might mean. The nearly five-minute song is minimalist in both music and video. We see Natalia Huamali and Fienn River (Jennalee) of Juniper on a deck, with mostly only water visible. The two play only harp and a hand drum and weave an enchanting song where every note seems precisely calculated. The haunting “oohs” of the song and the beautiful harmonies make it hard to remember you’re not looking in on a dream, or perhaps something out of a Greek myth.

Here’s how the band described “Metamorphosis” to us:

Metamorphosis poetically describes the transformation of a chrysalis into a butterfly.  This imagery tells the story of the delicate transition humans go through when opening to their true hearts and inspirations after a time of holding in and cocooning.  The song invokes ease, like a golden warmth, through the process of spreading wings.

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