Premiere: Grovner – “Sometimes”

Grovner, formerly known as Seed, are set to release their new EP A Place In Your Home on April 13th and we’re giving you the first taste.

“Sometimes,” the new song from the Regina four-piece, harnesses the frustration felt when you know you’re stuck and turns it into energy and forward motion. At the beginning of the track, we hear, “Do we really got time for this anyways? This is not what happiness is.” But then the band erupts into noise and anger, determined to get un-stuck. The band had this to say about the track which is streaming below:

“Sometimes” is a song we wrote before any of the other songs on this EP. It was really one of the first songs we wrote where we started dialling in the exact kind of energy we want to have in our music, and the kind of energy we wanted to give out at our shows. It’s a song about fitting in and thinking for yourself. To be feeling your own feelings rather than some other way because somebody else told you to, or because you want to be like someone else.

Grovner will play Canadian Music Week in Toronto next month so watch out for show dates.

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