Review – “Some Songs For You Guys” – Brighter Green


reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

It’s officially spring and warmth is on the horizon, and as so many of us make that final push towards the conclusions and fresh starts that summer brings, what’s better than some sunny indie rock with pop inclinations and a kicky beat? “Sick of dark green? Well you should try Brighter Green!” reads London-based band Brighter Green’s Bandcamp page, wonderfully aware that they bring a refreshing burst of sincerity to their indie rock.

Brighter Green’s EP is called, simply, Some Songs For You Guys, and launches right in with “Alright”, which had me dancing around my kitchen on first listen, and every listen since has felt like a warm day full of blue sky, or the pattern that sun makes streaming in through a blinded window. The cheer is pure but transitory, as “Bedroom” moves into a candid apology and pulls back the drums and guitars to break open as songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Austin Pigott begs, “Please don’t blame me, but I’m blaming me.” Full of crackling emotion, his voice is distinct and original amidst guitars that float with melody.

“Going Down Easy” continues the trajectory into darker territory — the punchy bass and wobbling guitar evokes The Cure in an expert creation of anxiety that releases with Pigott’s soulful chorus of “Let me go!”. The four song EP ends with the fuzzy and fittingly titled “Last Bite”, which has a crisp intentionality in the falling percussion and pace changes. The energy flies and the track aptly concludes such a propelling EP.

Brighter Green brings freshness to the table, and going into warmer weather and fresh starts, I am grateful for the gift of Some Songs for You Guys.

Top Tracks: “Alright”; “Going Down Easy”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) + *swoop*

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