Audible/Visual Hoots: Lev Snowe, lemin., Lo Siento, & more

Lev Snowe – “Could Be”

The new track from Winnipegger Lev Snowe is a dreamy song about getting tangled up in your dreams. For the majority of “Could Be,” Snowe is shrouded in a haze of psych-pop sounds, too busy pondering the past and future to acknowledge the present. In the last minute or so, an electronic beat throbs and pushes the haze away. – Laura Stanley

lemin. – “One Brain”

Restraint is the name of the game in this stunning new song from lemin. The three minutes of this song are soft and tender, recalling a first-date story and filtered like a hymn. Soft swells of synths back lemin. and another singer as their lines often stumble over each other at first. As it goes on, one might expect everything to go loud and bombastic, but “One Brain” never does, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. –Michael Thomas

Lo Siento – “No Tengo Remedio”

Last year we were so enraptured by Lo Siento’s Bingo Bango that it earn a spot on our favourite releases of 2017 list. Although lyrically “No Tengo Remedio,” a standout track from Bingo Bango, is about the crippling effects of depression and anxiety, the video picks up the song’s colourful energy. Created by St. John’s artist Pat Canning, in the video we see the band, washed in colours, playing the track, and stuff animals dancing along. It’s deceivingly fun. – LS

Always a Bad Thing – “Cloud-spattered Night”

A collaboration between members of Elura and Purveyors of Free Will created this meditative piece. Backing instrumentals are nothing more than a few notes on the guitar repeated, vocals little more than vocalizations and samples. The group describes their music as electronic/dark folk (only as a jumping off point) and that accurately summarizes the simultaneously soothing and experimental track. –MT

LuxGaze – “Nostalgia” 

Nostalgia is sometimes immobilizing. You can lie on your floor for hours and think about how great life used to be instead of going out and making the present great. Toronto artist LuxGraze captures this forlornness on her newest track, “Nostalgia.” It’s a chill, downtempo track that has a lot of sounds weaving in and out but manages to not sound cluttered. It’s a good one to put on when you want to meditate on your choices. – LS

Mike Edel – “Finish Line”

Sometimes you’re the best orchestra, as Mike Edel shows in his new video for “Finish Line.” The road song slowly builds in power, starting quietly and eventually backed by a flurry of drums. As the song picks up steam, so does Edel, self-consciously introducing the song and playing drums on his knee, eventually gaining so much energy that he’s almost dancing around the apartment space. –MT

tendencyitis – “two identical snowflakes crystallize above Wisconsin in 1988”

“two identical snowflakes crystallize above Wisconsin in 1988” is my favourite song title of the year so far. tendencyitis’ track is a flurry of unrelenting pings, high pitched synth sounds. The result is like when you look outside and there’s a blizzard and suddenly the world has calmed down for a moment and the only thing that is happening is that it’s snowing. – LS 

mark ii – “party boy depression”

There’s so much honesty in this song that it uses the word “depression,” delivered in a whisper, as a song hook. The lo-fi synth-pop songs seems to go by in a haze, as mark ii recounts his dealing with depression. The visuals mostly just show him in a room as numerous other shots are overlaid. It’s going to be a while before the “party boy, party boy” chorus gets out of my head. – MT

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