Review – “On a Journey for the Long Run” – Wyatt C. Louis

reviewed by Laura Stanley

There is something familiar about Wyatt C. Louis. The way he sings, a quiet creak with an impressive range, and his lyrical phrasing, quiet and full of emotions, makes you feel like you already know Louis at first listen. But after a few spells with his short and sweet EP On a Journey for the Long Run, you realize that you don’t really know Louis, he’s just one of those people you immediately connect with. You hear yourself in his shared experiences.

“I was counting sheep over the sunset,” sings Louis to welcome us to “Long Run” and the EP. We have barely taken a step and yet, by this striking imagery, Louis is already exhausted, a feeling that many of us are acquainted with. Louis, accompanied by gently plucked and wandering guitar parts, tells us about his love and how consuming it is. “Our love is breaking my heart,” he sings, elongating the word “love” so it becomes the wandering creature that it is.

“Wait for Now [12/14/14] (Interlude)” is short, jagged exhales after a long run. Waves, or maybe the wind, are heard briefly at the beginning and end of the track, and Louis is caught up with this movement so he sounds scattered and unclear. You’re lost for a moment.

There’s a lot you can project onto the final track, “Dry, in the Rain.” Here a person make you feel safe no matter the shit storm going on around you. Or: here you are left by yourself while your partner exist in their own world, one that does not resemble your’s. These juxtaposing emotions and experiences could both quietly occupy the song’s space. It depends on you.

Top Track: “Long Run”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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