Premiere: Dead Friends – “Dead Friends”

The band name Dead Friends makes some sense when you know of the band’s backstory. Before Dead Friends became a thing, Ellen Reade, Carter Mackie and Jessie Ladd met in junior high, played in different bands in high school an eventually got together a year-and-a-half ago to make garage music. With the addition of Callum Harvey, they focused on “garage psych,” which is a handy descriptor for the band.

The “dead” part of their band name is especially evident in the funereal feel of many of these heavy, heavy songs. Their self-titled LP is set to drop on March 16 through Edmonton’s Double Lunch Records, and you can get a peek at it a day early here.

The album, put simply, is really intense. Harvey’s organ really adds a sinister layer to Ladd’s roaring guitars, Reade’s pounding drums and Mackie’s funky bass. On the psychedelic end of the album is songs like “Big Door,” with a killer combination of bass and shimmery keys. For some rip-roaring guitar, check out the frenzy of “Mono” or the exceedingly fast-paced “Moving Day.” Their theme song may well be “Friends Are Dead,” with the very excellent line “Always trying my best just to clean my own mess.”

Sample this album’s intensity for yourself below.

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