Audible/Visual Hoots: J. Hutton, Papermaps, Falcon Jane & more

J. Hutton – “No Kidding”

J. Hutton blew us away last summer with his song “No Complaints” and his follow-up track “No Kidding” is even more goodness. This funky and soulful number features some sultry horns, a boogying guitar and another strong vocal performance from Hutton. “No Kidding” is bookended by Hutton singing, “they say I’m spending money like it’s going out of fashion” and the *bing* of a cash register…nice.  – Laura Stanley

Papermaps – “Iron Stove”

It’s been a long time since we had new music from Papermaps. But they have a new album, Confessions, coming out April 13, and the first single gets a video that matches its pensive, semi-solemn sound. The band’s Dean Marino shot the video with help from his partner Lesley and son Elliot, and in it we follow a paper figure. The story of the song involves the titular iron stove and a “dead man” who comes to live with a family, and the eerieness of the song translates well to the visuals. Even though we spend most of the video in a house, you can feel the unease in almost every frame. –Michael Thomas

Deanna Petcoff – “Terribly True”

After spending several years with the now-defunct Pins & Needles, Deanna Petcoff is striking it solo and this first single promises great things. I love the simple, feel-good melody in the verses and the way she goes way bigger for the chorus. If the verse is her strumming a guitar, the chorus is a dreamy, full-band affair with plenty of reverb. I’m very excited to see what she comes up with next. – MT

Falcon Jane – “Go With The Flow”

Going with the flow is hard! I’ve been told that when you’re mind is buzzing with worry, envision yourself sitting on a rock near a babbling river and imagine that the water is your thoughts floating by; there one second and gone the next. Falcon Jane’s “Go With The Flow” encourages us to sit on that rock and take a deep breath. Sara May’s (Falcon Jane) slacker pop vibe perfectly accompanies this coaxing tune so next time you’re feeling troubled, throw this one on. – LS

swim good now – “Daylight” (with Daniela Andrade, Ryan Hemsworth, Lontalius & olli)

To understate it, this song is huge, and not just because of the “guest list” on this song. It’s like someone took a lullaby and transformed the song into an arena anthem. It feels intimate with its gentle waves of keys but at the same time, the kind of song people could chant at the top of their lungs. Jon Jasper-Lawless has always had an ear for catchiness, and this is a song that will remain in your head for ages. –MT

Cedric Noel – “It’s New”

Cedric Noel’s dreamy lo-fi pop track “It’s New” is akin to a quiet surprised gasp. Throughout the song, Noel goes through a list of things he never thought he’d do: love you, want you, hold you, trust you. But Noel finds himself doing just that and now he must tell this person all of his feelings.  – LS

Camaromance – “Audrey”

Martine Groulx’s first album since 2010 as Camaromance will soon see the light of day. April 6 will see the release of Chasing Clouds on Simone Records. The first single is a beautiful little folk-pop song about a girl who’s trying to find Mr. Right (or maybe not?). The gentle Americana guitars anchor the song and eventually make way to a guitar solo, after which Audrey reconsiders her quest and instead celebrates the love of her friends. -MT

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