Review – “World Salad” – World Salad

a1018553142_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

Self-tagged as “bargainbin” on Bandcamp and revealing little else, World Salad is pushing at the status quo with an EP of electronic compositions that move from just over a minute long to nearly five minutes and often bring an unexpected percussive foundation to the tracks. Get your mind ready: these songs will keep you enthralled.

With the shortest tracks at the top, World Salad makes it easy to jump in to their pitch-bending melodies and collected-sound rhythms. “Werelds” kicks off the album with a cascade of notes that bend, slide, and fall into place. This warping synth sound can be found again on the album closer “Holder” which parallels to create a unifying effect. More cohesion comes with “Loafer’s Brain” and the satisfying metal pop that sounds like a can being opened, matched with the ominous sawing sound that slowly takes over “Grey Area”.

Each track on World Salad has a heart of its own to beat to, but also feels rooted to the EP in ways that occasionally feel tethered to the idea of adhesion. World Salad is at its strongest when it pushes further and trusts that the unity will come: the biting metal percussion on “LifeBook” and the living, pulsing melody of album highlight (and album breakaway) “Holder” are examples.

For a style that pushes experimentally into territory beyond electronic music, World Salad is a successful collection of songs that will have your mind working and waiting for that next powerful divergence. If you ever find this in a bargain bin, you should count yourself lucky, and maybe follow that purchase with a lottery ticket.

Top Track: “Holder”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)



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