Review – “3:03 EP” – True Crime

303 epreviewed by Michael Thomas

It’s really hard to not be intrigued by a band that self-describes as “mumble dance goth pop” and “Fleetwood Mac meets Dracula” and to claim that the EP was recorded in a haunted house. All of these things are true (sorry) about True Crime, although Fleetwood Mac is definitely not the first band that will come to mind when you hear True Crime’s music. To me, at least, this band seems like the spiritual successor to Paradise Animals (RIP). The singers have the same vocal tone and both bands have a knack for creating really sexy instrumentals.

There may be a small narrative arc to this four-song EP—starting in confusion and doubt before finally building up confidence and making a decision. The first two songs of 3:03 definitely put the “mumble” in “mumble dance goth pop.” The opener “Everything” has a really groovy array of synths backing the vocals, and the phrase that’s easiest to discern is repeated as a hook: “Lately, I’ve been questioning everything.” And really, who doesn’t question everything once in a while?

It’s a little harder to make out the lyrics of “Angeline” but honestly, who cares? The instrumentation is still sharp and crisp, featuring an instantly memorable guitar riff. The groove continues on with “When the Morning Comes,” with the clearest vocals on the record so far. The guitar work remains silky smooth, and we have lyrics drenched in sadness: “Why don’t you want to be here when the morning comes?” The repetition of “baby, baby, baby” in the background only add to the sadness emanating from the track.

Then we get to “This Season’s Next Best Thing,” with the clearest vocals of the album and a real air of passion to it all. In this, the singer sounds pleading, asking the other person to “trust me,” with a synth line that mirrors his vocal delivery. The EP has emerged from the gloom, but we don’t know what the pleading eventually leads to.

Haunted-basement-mumble-dance-goth-pop is definitely a thing now.

Top Track: “This Season’s Next Best Thing”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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