Review – “Soul” – mita

a3486902796_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

Soul is a multifaceted concept — a word that can carry the weight that we need it to, but that always bears a profoundness. For Calgary-based singer-songwriter mita, it is at once a genre, an aspect of our individuality, and something that, if we’re lucky, we get to see in another. Her blend of soul and indie-pop moves from inside to out, while always keeping unfalteringly honest.

Soul tackles its subject matter without fear. The opening title track is a confident look inwards that is as unrestrained as it is positive. Not one to launch into the instructional pop songs that are all too easy to find these days, mita also writes of her own shortcomings, her fears, and anxiety on “I Kill Fireflies”. While the first track uses plucky minimal piano as vocal underscoring, “I Kill Fireflies” has an organ humming throughout, so that when silence drops, it feels like emotive punctuation.

“You Used To Feel” and “Pretty” take a more external approach, looking to interaction with other souls as inspiration. At five and a half minutes “You Used to Feel” is an EP gem. Acoustic strumming is an immediate shift followed by one of those entirely relatable tragedies: watching someone you love in pain while not being able to help. There is a thematic loneliness in the restraint of the guitar, but the hopeful poetry within the lyrics keeps it bright. And then there is the pop energy and synthetic beat of  “Pretty”. “One day I’ll be pretty,” mita repeats in another moment that could feel overly wistful, but that instead speaks to inner beauty, a shifting perception: “One day all this ugly will make broken beautiful”, she closes.

Always honest when baring her Soul, mita is never one to preach lessons or settle in melancholy, instead evoking the complexities of desire, fear, and hope in an engaging way. None of us have it all figured out, but every soul is trying.

Top Track: “You Used To Feel”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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