Audible/Visual Hoots: Henoheno, Floes, Spookyfish & more

Henoheno – “Car”

I don’t drive so I’ve been the passenger in a lot of cars. Sometimes a car is just a car, perfectly functional and clean. But other times a car has its own ecosystem: there’s dirt, discarded food packaging, a blanket for the dog, and three tree shaped air fresheners to mask the smell (they don’t work). Henoheno‘s “Car” is the latter. It’s also the place of bad memories that Henoheno can’t escape. Even when changing scenery whips by, the track’s pacing mirrors steady acceleration, these memories linger. – Laura Stanley

Floes (ft. Ghostly Kisses) – “Last Night”

We last heard Floes contributing a fun electronic spin on a Christmas classic, and their newest single takes their sound to a new level of pop. The big synth-y soundscape melds well with contributions from Ghostly Kisses, who sings on the track and plays violin. It’s like a big, warm electronic embrace. – Michael Thomas

Spookyfish – “The After”

Spookyfish‘s “The After” is a gentle ambient track. This winter has been tough and dark and I forget what it feels like to lie in the grass. But winter is coming to an end, we need to be patient. Spookyfish tells you to breathe and reminds you that nature needs to rest so it can return more beautiful than ever. – LS

KiDS WiTH iPODS – “Just a Joke”

For a band that was described to us as “super broke” and recording with a very minimal and cheap setup, “Just a Joke” is delightful. The main guitar riff melds with a cavalcade of piano sounds and vocals to make it sound like a pop-punk band began messing with synth-pop. It’s a nice introduction to what this band can do. –MT

Softside – “On My Mind”

Guelph’s Softside make “tender music.” That’s what their Bandcamp page says but that’s also the best way to describe them; they make tender rnb/pop sounds. On Softside’s newest track “On My Mind,” from their forthcoming release, Ian Bain (Softside) is wistful. “You’re still on my mind and I think of all the time,” Bain sings in a breathy way that makes me think he’s lying on his bed trying to count the pointy bits in a spackled ceiling. Listen to this one late at night while pining for a someone who may or may not know you exist. – LS 

Snowblink – “Exotic Bird”

Though the band’s excellent Returning Current was released quite a while ago, we now have a new, colourful music video for its song about “deep longing,” as described by the band’s Daniela Gesundheit. We follow a trip to a zoo, kind of, only the monkey we see is adorned in buttons and bright colours. Before too long, the mesmerizing colour start to take over Gesundheit, too. The visuals for this song are just as mesmerizing as the music itself. –MT

Playdate – “Butter Tart” 

Matthew Bailey & Carl Schilde invite you on a playdate…and they’ve brought butter tarts! Ah yes, the classic Canadian treat that Americans find quaint. Playdate’s “Butter Tart” is  a gooey keyboard track that bloops and bops and is very fun. It may or may not sound better while eating a butter tart. I have not checked. But you can try that pairing and get back to me. – LS

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