Review – “Believe” – YESS WOAH

reviewed by Laura Stanley

In 2016, I was enamoured with the delicate and soft pop songs of Yessica Woahneil’s release Cheekbone. Woahneil is back – this time under the condensed name YESS WOAH – and armed with pal Juliette Grasso on drums.

The aptly titled “Soft Cold Night,” is like a tender touch on a chilly evening and reminds me of the songs from Cheekbone. The warm guitar tone (which might actually be a keyboard – I can’t tell!) that gently moves in the background is akin to a few flakes of snow that fall in early November which let you know change is afoot.

But for the most part, together Woahneil and Grasso wonderfully stomp on the descriptors “delicate” and “soft” and instead throw at us rougher arrangements and loud declarations. The swinging beat of “Honey,” mirrors the ups and downs of a relationship, there’s a relatable panicky quality to “Tear Apart,” and “Believe” is two spiky songs in one: during the first half, Woahneil lightly plucks the notes of a chord before fiercely striking it in frustration. In the second half, chaos erupts as the song transforms into a blood stained pop-punk track and Woahneil pleads, “give me something I can sink my teeth in, give me something to believe.”

My favourite track is “Polyester Sometimes”; it’s hopeful and Woahneil finds happiness in the little things. The title makes me think of a pair of minimum wage lovers who wear polyester uniforms to work but remain content and have made a happy home for themselves.

Believe is something to sing your teeth into.

Top Tracks: “Polyester Sometimes”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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