Premiere: Alex Rand – “My Mettle Changes”

Coinciding with a tour last fall, Look Vibrant‘s Alex Rand released a 7″ vinyl (via Jurassic Pop) for his single “Boyhood Places”. The b-side of the 7″ was “My Mettle Changes” which has now made its way to cyberspace and is streaming below. This is all in anticipation of Rand’s EP Sundial which will be released in March.

“My Mettle Changes” is an explosion of colours and sounds. Rand surrounds himself with a  grand arrangement of guitars and electronics while his light & breezy voice is sometimes warped beyond recognition. Overall, it’s a pop/art-rock track that’s busy but not overcrowded. Rand tells us a little bit about harnessing his sonic aspirations:

Often the recording process can be discouraging, because the desire to craft a compelling atmosphere/sonic identity from the ground-up can lead you down a rabbit hole of tonal experimentation. In my experience, this can lead to a lot of second-guessing oneself.

It felt so good to get my hands dirty with samples as the raw arrangement materials on this track, because working with samples imposes restrictions on the direction of the sonic identity of a song, and takes away the pressure of trying to record The Perfect Sound. It’s exciting to work this way because the result is a sonic character that couldn’t have been arrived at through calculated planning and careful application of recording techniques.


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