Review – “Être social” – Émilie Landry

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

Campbellton, New Brunswick’s Émilie Landry is tucking her second release under her belt—but her first as a solo artist. Stripping everything down, and tapping into some darker, personal themes, she’s released her latest set of musings with EP Être social.

On her solo debut release, she took a bit more time to record and teamed up with musician Daran, leaving behind some of the loud, rocking sound of her band, Émilie et les City Folks. Instead, her jazz studies can be felt on tracks like single “Embrasse un miroir” as she belts out her storytelling lyrics—a track full of energy, but driven primarily by Landry’s seasoned voice. There’s little more than a piano and guitar on “À quoi tu penses,” a sombre, beautiful arrangement filled with longing, that stands in contrast to the dynamic (and clever) way “Dans l’Nord” opens the EP.

Introspective “J’existe” grapples with all the doubts and questions of our early 20s, while closer “Monsieur l’Étranger” charts a final journey for the six-song collection. It’s a soaring, explorative release that thrives on the essentials—one that showcases Landry’s evolution as a songwriter and anticipates even more rewarding journeys to come.

Top Track: “À quoi tu penses”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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