Premiere: Jake Parker Scott – “2U”


Recorded in a cottage in Red Bay this past fall, Jake Parker Scott’s “2U,” streaming below, sounds like the thoughts in your head when a friend or lover, who doesn’t care what you have to say, is talking at you. The track is streaked with frustration and exhaustion and when the saxophone comes in during the final minute, I can’t help but think of a long, drawn out, sigh.

After moving to India last year, Scott started journaling and turned his poems and voice memos into an album, Swimming, which will be released later this year. Below Scott tells us a bit about “2U” which will appear on his forthcoming album:

2U deals with the impact of subtle nuances in social communication, from body language and eye contact to intonation. As well as the effect that personal history and relationships have on how we communicate with one another. The lyrics have personal meaning to me but people are free to relate this song to stories in their own lives.

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