Audible Hoots: Gymnase, Impatiens, Beams & more

Gymnase – L’Escalier Mouvant / Les Abysses de l’Égo

Can’t get enough of the deluge of 80s-centric pop culture? Well, Montreal’s Gymnase is here to stoke your obsession with their debut tracks. “L’Escalier Mouvant” has a steady and playful synth melody that keeps the song in constant momentum while “Les Abyssess de l’Égo” is more downcast and shadowy with Gymnase’s voice hidden through manipulation. Watch out for Gymnase’s debut out sometime this year. –Laura Stanley

Impatiens – “Genny”

Since Impatiens last made us type out the words “heart eyes emoji” we haven’t heard much, but with a new year comes this delightful new single. With a touch of stuttery synth-pop and a dash of disco, “Genny” is wonderfully addictive. There are numerous peaks and valleys to the song, like its sudden quieting-down at the three-minute mark, and it only leaves you wanting more and more. It’s all the nourishment we need to start off 2018. –Michael Thomas

Alaskan Tapes – “Little​”

You know those brief moments in winter when you feel revitalized and you realize you’re going to make it to Spring? Maybe the sun floods the room in a certain way or you drink hot apple cider with a friend or you see a really nice bird and you say (maybe out loud but who cares) “hey, I can’t wait to see all your pals again.” The soft-wash of Alaskan Tapes’ “Little” reminds me of those moments. -LS

Sound of Kalima – “Vancouver Rain” (feat. Chris Clute, Ekke & Jamie-Rose)

Sound of Kalima have been keeping busy over the last few months, finishing off their year with a song about some very frequent Vancouver weather. Though the duo trades in electronic and hip-hop beats, this song sounds a lot like folk. And with three guest singers, it really feels like the perfect tempo and volume for a song about the gentleness of rain. –MT

Beige-À-Coeur – “What We Are”

“Love is what we do…love is what we are.” This is a pretty romantic sentiment when written out but in Beige-À-Coeur’s “What We Are,” those lines seemingly get more downcast with each repetition as love turns from hot-n-heavy to quick pecks on the cheek through the course of this flicking electro-pop track. Perhaps my cynicism has gotten the better of me and really there’s not a lone figure on the dance floor but a couple in love. Let us know. – LS

Beams – “You Are An Ocean”

Beams are the most delightfully whimsical folk/roots band I know of, and year after year they prove their spirit will never waver. Over just two-and-a-half minutes, the banjo-and-drums song manages to be pretty empowering. Starting with lyrics about being alone, the band quickly reassures you that you’re not. And really, we just need that kind of positivity right now. –MT

Spruce Trap – “Two Hogs, Grounded”

Allow blog pals Spruce Trap and their new track “Two Hogs, Grounded” guide you through the early weeks of 2018. At 16+ minutes, this is a slow-burning track. Spruce Trap allow you to slowly wade in before they kick it up a notch around the 4 minute mark. Around the 14 minute mark, things get Loud and you’re allowed to scream too but then Spruce Trap warmly wrap around you and you’re okay again. You have the whole year ahead to fight and you must save some of your energy. – LS 

Chad VanGaalen – “Dust on Dust (Dog Walking Jammer)”

Let’s just imagine that one of the kings of Canadian weirdness wrote this song as the soundtrack to walking your dog; that’s what I’ll take from the parenthetical in the title. If I had a dog, I’d for sure throw this on every time we went for a walk. It’s an uptempo, synth-drenched instrumental that is basically what Holy Fuck would sound like if they decided to ditch analogue. It’s at one futuristic and retro, finding the middle ground that VanGaalen is so good at finding. – MT


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